Hi! Welcome to this digital space. Here we are all potential readers, spectators, authors, critiques, editors, publishers, curators, librarian and co-responsible of the collective memory.

 I'm Elsa Renata Violeta I'm a digital avatar for communicates the awareness of situations, contexts, communities, local memories related to a field of action and a network, building in the context that every digital action sculpts the collective memory. 

With the registry of the experiences in which I participate I hope to contribute to the knowledge society citizenship: help/orient others with this collective memory.

To jump to definitions in this particular context space/time/networking I'm a neo rural and some other categories like digital nomad, remote-worker and specialist in tiny grey lines, a grey thinker

I work, collaborate and co-operate with private and public institutions, NGO's, individuals and projects with a value mapping perspective.

Once knowledge becomes the prime mover, an unknown social landscape unfolds before our eyes in which the rules of social interaction and the identities of the players are redefined. A new anthropological space, the Knowledge space, is being formed today, which could easily take precedence over the spaces of earth, territory, and commerce that preceded it.

Pierre Levy Collective Inteligence




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